best tennis players

best tennis players

Nine (9) Renowned Tennis Players

  1. Venus Williams: Born in June 17, 1980, she is one of the best players to have ever graced the game of tennis. Having been pitched against her sister and even pairing with her sometimes, she has been recipients of several titles numbering around 49. Though a period of her career had been plagued by injuries, she has tried to ensure that she pulls through, making her mark in all competitions.
  2. Evonne Goolagong: Evonne born in 1950, is regarded as one of the legends of the game of tennis. Currently retired, she was able to win several titles which even earned her the number one spot in 1976. She also holds the record for being the only mother to win the Wimbledon before the commencement of World War 1. However, the only Grand Slam title which was beyond her reach, is the US open.
  3. Bjorn Borg: With 101 career titles, the blonde Sweden player known for his long hair, dominated the game of tennis during his time. Wimbledon for example, Borg won the title five times in a row, from 1976 to 1980. Although, Borg retired at an early age of 26, he still remains one of the few players to win much titles in such a short while, also being the first player to win around 10 majors.
  4. Novak Djokovic: Currently known as one of the superstars in tennis, 31-year-old Djokovic continues to make waves in all competitions. He has 69 career titles to his name, and he has won 6 Australian, 4 Wimbledon, 2 US open and 1 French open, totaling 13 Grand slam singles titles. Although, prone to injury as other sportsmen, he has the potential to win more titles in the coming years as far as injury is contained.
  5. Rod Laver: Born August 8, 1938. Laver has undoubtedly etched his name in the tennis hall of fame. He won 200 career titles, which no one in the history of tennis has done. During his time, he was ranked as the number one in the world for seven succeeding years. If not for the fact that Rod Laver was left out from the Grand Slam tournaments which held during the space of five years in the 60’s, he would have added more titles to his name. Surprisingly during this period, he still maintained the number one spot.
  6. Rafael Nadal: Popularly known as “The King of Clay”, the fierce Nadal has been super impressive on the court. 32-year-old Nadal has 17 Grand Slam titles, and there are still possible chances to win more. Just like some players, his career once suffered a setback due to injuries, Nadal is however back on his feet, and poised to win more titles.
  7. Steffi Graf: When it comes to consistency, Steffi Graf is the perfect quintessence for budding tennis players. She has a world record for retaining the number one spot in the world for 377 weeks. This record has not been broken by any player in the world. Even till her retirement, Graf was ranked number three in the world. Graf can be referred to one of the few players who completely dominated the world of tennis during their time.
  8. Serena Williams: Serena Williams has been said to be one of the most powerful women to play and still playing tennis. Alongside with her sister, they have been a force to reckon with in the world of tennis. Serena holds the open era record for having the most Grand-Slam singles title by any tennis player, female or male. Her career which started in 1999, has seen her being recipients of several titles. Serena Williams who is currently 36 years of age, with 72 career titles, still has the prospects to win more titles, and go on to become the greatest female tennis player of all time.
  9. Roger Federer: This number one spot can deservedly be given to Roger Federer. His record titles of 20 Grand slam titles are enough evidences to show for it. At an advanced age of 36, he is still making his mark by competing for every available title at the highest level. He has a world record for maintaining the number one spot in the world for 310 weeks for men. His consistency over the years is unmatched although, some players are coming up with innovative ways to beat Roger Federer, he still remains a big threat to upcoming players.

Some Tips to Choose Best Ping Pong Paddle in Philippines

Ping Pong is one of the most popular sports all over the world. It is a fast and exciting game which is played between professionally as well as for pure entertainment. This sport can be enjoyed throughout the year, in your sports club, in the garage or even at the bar. It requires minimum equipment.

Those who wish to play the game need just a ball, a ping pong paddle and a ping pong table. It is important to buy the right ping pong paddle so that the game can be played in style. Here are some quick tips which will help you to purchase the best ping pong paddle.

best ping pong paddle

Know the Grip –

You need to know how you wish to play the game. There are some which are available with traditional grips. These are quite comfortable and easy to use. The ‘shakehand’ grip is also quite common, as it is quite like holding the paddle to shake hands. There is also a ‘penhold’ grip. In this grip, the handle is held between the forefinger and thumb.

Wood Paddle –

If you are a beginner, you can start with the usual wood or the plastic paddle. You can buy a cheap paddle which is available. This will help you in learning the game. If you wish to learn the game, a plain and cheap paddle will help you in learning the game with great precise. You will learn to make hits more precisely.

Rubberized Paddle –

You can also buy a rubberized paddle. This will help in increasing your control. You need to ensure that the paddle you are playing with is equipped with a rubber handle. It should ideally be in a side. Usually ping pong paddles have a thin slice of rubber which is stuck on the surface of the paddle. This offers good control of the ball. If you play with plenty of speed, you need to have a paddle which has a good grip rubber.

Check the Texture –

If you plan to buy paddle which are made with rubber, you need to check out the different textures. You can play with a great textured paddle. This will help in changing the kind of ball handling. There are a few paddles which have pimpled texture. This is quite similar to dimples too. For defensive players, buying a textured paddle does make a lot of difference. If there is a good texture on the paddle, there is wonderful reactivity on the returns. In case of players who use plenty of spin techniques, deep textures are highly recommended as well.

Thickness of Rubber Sponge –

You need to check the thickness of rubber sponge you have. You need to understand if you are comfortable with the thinner or thicker sponge. The sponge usually rests just under the outer section of the rubber. This helps in better absorption of the impact. This also offers greater control and grip.

Check If Worn Out –

 You can replace the rubber whenever you see it is worn out. As you play and that too with great speed, you will notice that the rubber surface, usually starts displaying great signs of wear and tear. As you start noticing this, you can start replacing the sponge or the rubber. You need to replace the rubber because if it is thin, it starts losing its grip. The rubber should be thick and not thin when you are purchasing new.

Choose Custom Materials –

When you are buying a paddle, you can select your custom material. You can buy smart customized paddles by making a good selection of the wood. You can select a paddle which offers the right balance of control, speed, grip and comfort. If you are not comfortable with the comfort level, you will definitely not be able to enjoy the game.


If you wish, you can also try out different weights and sizes. There are ping pong paddles available in various styles, shapes and sizes. It is good if you try different types of such paddles and then try the one which you like the best. Some paddles are really heavy and if you are not experienced you might find it really difficult to regulate the direction and speed of the ball. However, it is always suggested to try out a variety, so that you know which type of product offers you complete comfort.


Top Table Tennis Players Support Ian Lariba Who Starts Her Treatment For Leukemia Relapse – Help Is Much Appreciated!

Ian Lariba is strongly fighting her batter against leukemia! Lariba, the 22 year old braveheart, who was a part of Rio Olympics, was preparing for the world meet, when she was diagnosed with this disease.


Reuben Terrado

The table tennis fraternity is not far behind is expressing their support for the brave lady. Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin ( No 2 and No 3 respectively in world ranking ) have been a part of video message, sent out for the Olympian, expressing their love and prayers for the lady. “Table Tennis Family stands behind Ian lariba.” – The video ends with this lovely message. Also, the ITTF is supporting Lariba in her fight and using the hashtag #SupportLariba.

Petrissa Solja from Germany (the host country) and Elizabeta Samara from Romania have also sent video messages, which were posted on the International Table Tennis Federation Facebook Account.

Ian Lariba, who qualified for the game in the Rio Olympics is preparing for another set of chemotherapy treatment.  She has just had a relapse of Leukemia. Lariba shared through DLSU social media page, that she has undergone chemotherapy after she had severe bouts of vomiting and headache in January. After several tests, Doctors broke the news that leukemia had relapsed. Unfortunately, it has made its way to the spinal cord and brain of the table tennis player.


The #TableTennis family is standing behind Philippines champion Yan Lariba, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. #SupportLariba ❤️❤️

Posted by International Table Tennis Federation on Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lariba was experiencing weakness and blurred vision, when she visited her Doctor. Lariba is a lady of great strength and is totally determined to fight back. In her message she said – “I appeal to your kind hearts for any assistance that you can give to help me with my fight against the disease. I also humbly ask for your prayers so I may overcome this challenge,”

In November 2017, just after she was discharged after a successful bone marrow transplant, she was seen in the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex table tennis gym.

Any kind of financial help for Lariba can be through BDO Vito Cruz Taft branch savings account number 0045-8045-9965 (Account name: IAN N. LARIBA).


Popular Sports In Philippines! Are You Looking For One?

Sports are a significant aspect of the culture of the Philippines. Football, badminton, basketball, billiards, Ping-pong, volleyball and boxing are some of the most popular sports enjoyed by the nation. The country has a tropical climate, but ice skating is still one of the most enjoyed sports in the country. Other recreations include aerobics, athletics and weight lifting.

Popular Sports In Philippines

Swimming, sailing, cockfighting, bowling and baseball are some other activities which are similarly enjoyed in the country. Here is a brief account of some of the major sports of the country and about their popularity.



The sport of basketball has been successfully able to captivate the heart of every Filipino. This is one of the most played and certainly the most famous sport in the country. The Philippine Basketball Association was founded in the year 1975.  Gilas Pilipinas is the national team which represents the country internationally. James Yap is one of the most known faces in Basketball and is often referred to as the ‘living legend’.


 Manny Pacquiao

Boxing is known to be the most popular of individual sports in the nation. The country has produced some most famous boxers which include Ceferino Garcia, Manny Pacquiao, Francisco Guilledo and Nonito Donaire to mention just a few. The Association of Boxing Alliances is the powerful body of amateur boxing in the country. The goal of the association is to win the first Olympic Gold medal for the country. The objective of the association is to promote the image of the Philippines all over the world. At present the country has 3 bronze and 2 silvers from the Olympics.

American Football

fooball american

This is currently a new sport played in the Philippines. A four team competition was usually held by ArenaBall Philippines but since the year 2013, another team has joined the league. American Football Federation of the Philippines is now strongly competing against the many Asian regents which include US Guam Confederate, Saipan, Hong Kong and many others. Some popular players who have played in the National Football League in the USA include Roman Gabriel, Chris Gocong, Aaron Francisco, Doug Baldwin to mention just a few.

Ping Pong

ping pong

Ping-pong or table tennis is an immensely popular indoor sporting activity played all over the country. The sport of ping-pong accompanies a lot less fanfare than the other games which are enjoyed in the country. However, the sport has helped Philippines won gold medals in several international competitions which include Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games and World Championships. Ping-pong has been played since ages in the country and is stilled enjoyed with equal enthusiasm and vigor.



Badminton is the sport which binds people together in the Philippines. It is played in the streets, in universities, in different local neighborhood teams and also in leagues. It is usually played in doubles and singles teams. Children play since a very young age and usually just outside their home. Professional tournaments are held all over the country. This is a game which is easy to play in good weather conditions.



Just like basketball, volleyball too is played by Filipinos in their schools, neighborhoods and streets. It is one of the most enjoyed and played sports in the country. It is also an integral part of the Physical Education classes in colleges and high schools. Youngsters love to play the sport and eagerly wait for the UAAP Volleyball tournaments which are held in different colleges and universities.



Golf is a well appreciated sport amongst the high society or the elite class. There are a umber of local golf clubs, where one can enjoy the sport. There are also several golf driving ranges. Players who wish to learn the sport or practice often spend hours in the place. Several large hotels and resorts have specialized golf courses where individuals can pay to enjoy the game. This is a sport for those who love the game and can actually afford to play it.

Regional Sports of Philippines

There are many traditional sports or best known as regional sports which are played with great enthusiasm across the country. These events are a true reflection of the culture and love for sports of the nation.

  • Arnis – This is the most famous martial art of Philippines. It is all about weapon based fighting. The skills and the art of fighting are being passed down through ages.
  • Sipa – Another popular sport which is about kicking the ball skillfully to the other side of net. The other side is the opponent’s side. The main criterion is that the ball shouldn’t be touching the ground in the process.
  • Sikaran – This is a kind of kick boxing. The feet are only involved during play. The hands are used just for the purpose of blocking.
  • Dumog – This is the famous wrestling game which is played while standing in an upright position.