“Not your usual Sports blog!

And I’m a Ginebra Fan!”

I haven’t really put much effort in creating an ABOUT page, since I created this site mainly for myself and personal use, but recently, there are more and more people visiting the site and may be because they find if useful and easy to find “all the sports news in the Philippines in one page”.

I created this site, because hopping from webpage to another, and then skimming thru the articles is “too much” in this day and age of digital content. KabayanSports is a sports news site aggregator that pull all the Philippine Sports new from different sources like Inquirer, Spin.Ph, NBA, PBA, other Sports. You will see a thumbnail image and the first 50 words of the article.

This site is still in development, that’s why you see the word “beta” at the top and a discussion section for all readers. To the five readers who always visits this site, I hope you enjoy and find this site useful, as much as I enjoy reading and creating it.